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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Farmers Market 2012 update

Beginning the first Tuesday in June 19, 2012 and continuing through October 30 the Farmers Market will return to Norwood Center!

This year, too, the Norwood Farmers Market will be in Downtown Norwood on the Town Common! A new location taking advantage of Norwood's beautiful downtown resources.

This year's market will offer new farmers and new choices!
Starting each Tuesday market day at Noon and ending at 6pm, rain or shine.

Something for all of us to look forward to since we're only in mid-January. Soon enough it'll be time to work in the gardens again.


  1. Fresh Catch...ready and waiting to set up at Norwood's Farmers Market! We're excited to have them aboard!

    Farmers Market Site will be up and running soon!

    1. Excellent news! January 26, 2012's blog post announces Fresh Catch coming on board! Thanks