refresh'/> Norwood Center: March 2013

Friday, March 15, 2013

Have you been to Thai Boo?

Recently I stopped in to Thai Boo, a wonderful restaurant at 712 Washington Street in Norwood Center (close to  the Day Street intersection.)

My visit was at a quiet time between lunch and dinner, so I was able to chat with the lovely staff and enjoy a late lunch. 

The restaurant is clean, attractive, modern, and comfortable. While I was there, one dinner came by and ordered an early dinner and another came to collect a take out order. Both diners offered immediate non-solicited testimonials about how often they eat at Thai Boo, how great the food is, and how excited they are to have the treasure in Norwood Center. It was great to hear, especially as my food was yet to come. 

When the food arrived, I was impressed with the presentation. Wow! What care and skill. Beautiful and tasty!

Spring rolls and scallion pancakes were delicious. It'll be hard to sample other things on the menu as these two dishes were so delicious how can I not order them again? 

For those not familiar with Thai food, the menu at Thai Boo has succinct descriptions of the food with pictures of the dish. How helpful and attractive! They serve beer and wine and also have gluten-free items on their menu, for those with special dietary concerns. 

As I left, my server wished me a great day and that I return again soon. It was such a great meal and experience, I know I will. Hope you will give it a try, too!