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Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year with new eyes

On a recent drive through Norwood Center I enjoyed peering in to the stores at twilight and seeing the diverse offerings of our Downtown. The time of night when lights glow inside and the sky is darkening provides such an inviting glow from within. 
FNC photo of downtown Norwood, winter 2012

I got to thinking about a post from "Retail Visioning" by Christine Moynihan, a retail marketing expert who offers weekly posts about all-things-retail which I love to find in my email in box. 
The gist was that it's a new year and therefore it's time to examine our offerings to the public with new eyes. Here is a list of things she's recommending we consider:

How does my store look from the outside?   Good signs? Clean windows?
How do my window displays usually look?  Great … or not so much?
Does the first thing my customers see when they come in the door excite them?
Does my visual merchandising make them want to walk around, shop and BUY?
Do I have the right product mix at the right price point for TODAY?
Has my customer base changed?  Who are my BEST customers?
How do I want to grow?   Am I up to date on my marketing plan?  
Is my website attractive, informative and easy to find in a search?
Have I learned about social media enough to USE it? 
Do I update my Facebook page every week?
What can I do for my community that will be good for us both?

As a business-owner, what have you done to refresh and renew for 2012?
As a business-supporter, what would you like to see from your Downtown Merchants in 2012?

Please share your thoughts! 
Thank you, Kim Weineck

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