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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Curb Appeal from Retail Visioning

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Curb Appeal

2012 FEBRUARY 17
by ChristineMoynihan
Spring is around the corner and Open Houses will be popping up every weekend as houses go on the market and people think about moving.   Those selling houses are sprucing things up and talking about “curb appeal.”   Those house hunting they will be checking out neighborhoods and downtown to better understand the nature of the town they are looking into – as well as to scope out shopping opportunities.  
And what is the first impression they will get about your town?  In part that is up to you.   What does the outside of your store look like?  Once you get behind that front door do you forget about your curb appeal? 
Every good real estate agent is going to remind those listing their homes that curb appeal is KEY.  First rule… improve the outside of the house that they are selling so that it is attractive and appealing and it will invite potential buyers in.  Not paying attention to the exterior will cause potential buyers to pass on a property out of hand.  NO chance to make a sale.  Curb appeal attracts buyers — and adds $$$ to the bottom line of every sale when it comes to selling homes.   The same rule holds true downtown… outside stores.   If the outside of a store looks good, customers will come in.   If customers come in…you have the chance to make a sale and making sales adds $$$ every time.
Some tips for improving your curb appeal
1) well swept and tidy sidewalks
2) sparkling clean windows
3) fresh paint on all trim
4) well-lit, bold signs and window displays (go big!)
5) colorful plantings on either side of the door

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