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Monday, February 27, 2012

Feedback from the Community Input Meeting

A lot of great ideas were generated from the Community Input Gathering last Wednesday. 

Here was the list I generated on the projector from my laptop:

Bike racks
Large scale events to bring people uptown
A multi-purpose Cultural Center
Independent bookstore
Developing theme events designed to draw people downtown
            Topics like “home décor” “arts” “spa pampering” etc.
            Realize and Utilize what you already have
Business-broker? Someone to connect the businesses we need in town
            Office of Business Development
            Referral program
Internship experience to assist FNC in planning and instituting revitalization
Share marketing information with merchants
Survey residents about downtown (piggyback Town Mailing perhaps?)
“did you know” column focusing on Norwood Center strengths
Marketing a new perception
Parking signs
Connecting the links and strengthening the ties together
Taking 10% (or more) from the train station and bringing them to the center

Suggestions from you?
Please share them with us either by commenting here or emailing or calling 781-269-9677. 

Thanks for your valued feedback!! 

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