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Friday, June 22, 2012

Altered retail

This post is from Christine Moynihan of Retail Visioning.
Interesting idea.

It'd be great to have someone do something like this locally.
Any takers?

Re-Inventing Retail in Beverly MA!

2012 June 20
by ChristineMoynihan

A wonderful new shop opened up… and closed… last week in Beverly, MA.  But don’t worry… it will be opening and closing… again in the same place next month and for many months to come!   Pam Jaynes new business, Indigo Blu Trading Company, is creating excitement, drama and a real sense of competitive shopping urgency with her new retail concept.   Every month she and some local friends /artisans bring a 100% fresh, home-d├ęcor, pop-up store into their permanent address — for 5 fantastic days!

Pam, the owner of a boutique called Zinnia in this same location for 11 years, wanted to try something totally new.  She wanted a change in her own day to day work-life.  She wanted to create a dynamic shopping opportunity for her customers. And, she wanted to exercise some creativity!   By George, I think she did it.
This month’s focus for her pop-up was on Coastal Living.  Perfect for the North Shore of Massachusetts… perfect for the start of summer.   Pam knows her customers!   There is a theme-schedule that takes this new business model right through December starting with next month’s Outdoor Retreat, then Country Living, Cozy Cabins and Cottages, Harvest and Home, Gatherings and of course, Holiday Spirit.

Pam works hard to create and curate a fabulous environment.  She sources unique items and accessories and tells a great story throughout her entire store.   She begins with a concept board which was on display for everyone to appreciate.   On this board she posted images torn from magazines, paint and fabric swatches and inspirational words in a large frame to help visually, tangibly set her vision.  This is a great idea and for those of you who are technically inclined or want to share ideas virtually with others, you could do this on, too!   From there, Pam carefully selected (or personally created) special items and purchased inventory that ONLY complemented her theme.   Some were new, some old… some serious, some whimsical… some large pieces of furniture, some small accessories.  All were compelling in their own right and true to the Coastal Living concept.

I loved this idea.  I give Pam and her team all kinds of credit for giving it a go.  I wish her every success for stepping out and re-inventing retail HER way.   And I will be back every month!

NOTE  — Next month’s Indigo Blu Trading Company will be featuring  “Outdoor Retreat” from July 19 through July 23 at their store, 2 Enon Street North Beverly.  See you there!  For more information visit them on Facebook (just search the entire name) where by the way, they will soon have “sneak peeks” of their next pop-up store!

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