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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Business Blog: Job 1, Christine Moynihan

Why do you need to be so darn good?  Why do you need to be at the top of your game EVERY day? Because there is so much competition for your customer’s dollars out there!   But, you say… I am the only toy store in 5 miles… or there is no better ice cream than mine…or my fashion-forward clothing is at the best prices around.  Well, what if your customer fully knows those things… but is enticed by something else?  Everything that can take your customer’s money out of his or her pocket is competition.  Sure, they wanted to get your delicious ice cream… until they got side-tracked by a SALE on shoes.   Sure, they know your pricing for the hottest trends is best, but they suddenly realized Mother’s Day was coming up and fashion-forward went by the boards.   And that toy… well, this time it was easier to order it on line and have it shipped.   We need to stay top of mind with our customers for sure… but we also need to convert those good thoughts directly to purchases.  That is Job 1! 
A few tips:
Keep your windows and any displays that can be seen from outside your store compelling – don’t let someone walk by and “plan to come back.”  Grab their attention and get them in the door!  
When sending out email blasts or postcards, create a sense of urgency.  While they are thinking about you they need to get down to your store ASAP!
When shoppers seem distracted and “just browsing,” provide an incentive for them to get serious while they are there.  Give each of your salespeople a “make it happen fund” to use at their discretion so that they can offer a “today only special” and convert an interest to a sale. 

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