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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Working on your business

FNC photo. Silver and Sage on Washington Street
As Downtown Manager, my focus is on getting residents to enjoy all that downtown Norwood has to offer.

I also focus on our merchants and listening to what they have to say. The opportunity to share the opinions of residents with merchants is my bridge between my two focus areas.  

Some of my blog posts will discuss retail business and the perspective of the customer. This post is about business owners working on their business. 
It's from Christine Moynihan of Retail Visioning:
"Here are a few things you can do to actively work ON your business (not just IN it!) and a few questions that might just challenge the status quo and prepare your business for healthier days ahead!
  • Write an “elevator speech” that says what is special about your business, believe it in it, share it with your staff and repeat it frequently!  (No more than 12 words!)
  •  KNOW your customers – talk to them, conduct (fun) surveys and leverage this knowledge to improve your relationships with them.
  •  Maintain a month-at-a-glance calendar and look well ahead at opportunities for your store or restaurant.
  • LOOK at your finances every week.  Understand YOUR financial snapshot.
  • Establish sales AND marketing goals. 
  •  “Hire for attitude, train for skill” – keep training!
  •  Step outside your store with one of those good friends who will tell you the truth!  How does it look?  Could the signage or fa├žade be refreshed?  Are the windows clean and telling a compelling story that will bring customers inside?  Now… walk in and ask for the truth again!"
The above checklist is from Retail Visioning by Christine Moynihan

What do you think about items on this checklist? 

Thanks for reading and caring about Norwood Center!
~Kim Weineck, Downtown Manager

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  1. Kim, this will be a useful tool for the downtown merchants. Thanks!